Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Iglu is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment for our employees. This year we launched our first diversity, equity, and inclusion survey to provide insights into how we are doing, and to help us create equity for all of our colleagues.

Although the survey was voluntary and in its first year we were very pleased to receive almost 200 responses, especially considering we were asking people to share sensitive information. From the population who responded to the survey we are pleased to report the following key takeaways:

These insights will provide us with the opportunity to continue to steer the business in a direction which empowers a diverse workforce to produce their best work in an environment which accepts them for who they are and treats them equally.

Results Snapshot

The process to improve our offering for our employees never stops and as a result of this work we have targeted the following improvements internally for the remainder of 2023 and early 2024.

  • Wider rollout of the current unconscious bias training our hiring managers go through
  • All applicants to any job advertised at Iglu will be invited to take part in an equal opportunities survey to help us monitor our process and ensure fairness throughout
  • A wide scale development programme for all levels across the business is being scoped currently and going live before the end of 2023.