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Joint Marketing Opportunities with Iglu.com

As an online specialist travel agency; there are many opportunities to partner with Iglu.com to promote your particular resort/destination or for additional coverage of any holidays for tour operators. We only work with travel related companies offering a relevant product. All the prices below are an indication only and are subject to change. For partner and cost per click marketing we will match all contributions made. Prices shown for these are the minimum we will accept.


We do 4 different direct mail campaigns; all by email. Prices are between £1000-£3000 – can vary if they are part of a greater campaign.

We produce newsletters for each of the following products – IgluSki and IgluCruise. These are sent out either monthly or weekly depending on the time of year. Promotional feature (such as cruise deal/featured resort etc) – approx 100 words & image. Size 165 x 105. To see an example of one of our ski newsletters please click here.

We produce regular bulletins for each individual product which we send to our extensive database of customers/enquirers.
These are a simpler format than the newsletter with 1 or 2 strong messages.
• Dedicated mailing. To see an example of one of our cruise bulletins please click here.

Top 10 Mailing
We produce a top 10 mailing for Cruise and for Ski which is sent out weekly during the peak booking season and has proven to bring in a very high rate of enquiries and bookings. The layout is very user friendly with a grid showing 10 top offers. To see an example of one of our latest top ten mailings please click here.

The Onliner – our monthly cruise online magazine.
Our monthly online cruise magazine features cruise news, features and special offers. The On-liner has been a great success to date and has generated significant numbers of enquiries and bookings. The Onliner remains on our site throughout the month for people to access and therefore has good longevity. To see an example of one of our Onliners please click here.

There are various Onliner sponsorship opportunities:
  • 'Focus on 'a particular cruise line'' or "destination" – double page spread on a particular cruise line or destination.
  • Sponsored insertion on the Special offer page.
  • Ship of the Month – double page spread – pictures and USP's on a particular ship with a facing page with a grid of offers linking through to our site.
  • If you have another product to sell that is relevant then we can offer a single page advertisement


There is the opportunity to contribute to our Cost per Click activity on the major search engines – we set up an ad specifically promoting your offers/holidays and create a page on our website exclusively for your offers. Customers would click through to this page. We would match any contribution offered.
Cost: Minimum contribution £500, which we would match.


We work with a number of online partners and have built relationships with them over a long period of time. We will match any marketing contribution offered. Partner text links and targeted adverts We buy text links and targeted adverts on key partner travel sites and choose what we put in them. We only use partner sites that have a proven record of success and can offer links from as little as £75 per week.
Cost: minimum contribution £75

Partner Editorial Site Inclusion
We buy editorial space on key partner travel sites and choose what we put in it. This is highly targeted to people looking for a particular holiday. It is on a CPC model.
Cost: minimum contribution £500

Partner holidays feed (CPC)
We send an automated daily feed of offers to a partner site to be displayed on their site. We can set the feed up so that rather than all of our offers being sent through we only send specific offers, and therefore all the enquiries generated will be for a particular supplier. This is on a CPC model
Cost: minimum contribution £500

Partner special offer placement.
We have a paid for position on many partners' specialist holidays pages that currently link to our homepage but we can amend the link to go to pages showing only your product so all the enquiries generated will be for your product rather than any other operator's product.
Cost: minimum contribution £750

Partner newsletter inclusions.
We get regular inclusions in portal partner travel newsletters and submit individual offers to be promoted. If you were to sponsor this we would just submit your offers for submission. This is on an ad hoc basis and is usually on a CPC basis.
Contribution: minimum £500

We book banners and buttons on key partner travel websites and can link them to specific pages on our site. It is charged on a cost per click basis rather than impressions CPM (Cost per thousand) therefore is it much more cost effective than many banner campaigns where you can pay for a lot of impressions but not see many click throughs.
Contribution: minimum £500

Search Engine cost per click advertising
We would use search engine CPC advertising on key partner travel websites to promote a specific holiday/offer and it would link to a page on our site promoting your companies holidays only.
Cost: minimum £250


We offer advertising on the homepage of some of our sites for periods of 7 days.
Cruise (offer of the week box) £500 and Ski (promo box) £500, all others £200


Banner advertising is available and runs across all of our sites (except ski) in the header.
Cost: £200 per week

All prices are a guide only.