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Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Mickey Mouse

The world's most recognised cartoon character has an incredible history, spanning almost 80 years. Below, we look at the a few interesting facts you might not have come across before.

Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie 1. Mickey's Voice
Walt Disney, from 1929 to 1946, provided the original voices for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Since, only two others have had the honour; Jim MacDonald (1946 to 1983) and Wayne Allwine (1983 +).

2. Oscars
The only Mickey Mouse short to receive an Academy Award was Lend a Paw, in 1941. The irony being that Mickey wasn't even really the lead role, since the main star was Pluto. Despite that, Walt Disney had already picked up an Oscar in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse. Throughout his career he managed to amass a total 22 of these prestigious trophies - more than anybody else ever has.

3. What's the Password?
During World War II, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy on D-Day in 1944, "Mickey Mouse" was used as a secret password between intelligence officers.

Walt Disney, Oscar Winner 4. The Naming
Walt Disney originally called his creation Mortimer. It was his wife, Lillian, who persuaded him to change it to Mickey. American actor, Mickey Rooney, has claimed that Mickey Mouse was in fact named after himself, following meeting Disney in the 1920s as a child.

5. Hot Dogs!
Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk. In the 1929 episode, The Karnival Kid, Mickey's first words were "Hot dogs!".

6. Easter Eggs
To mark Disneyland's 50th anniversary, 50 versions of Mickey's ears were hidden throughout the park. Hidden Mickeys are elsewhere too, such as within feature films like Dumbo and across the other Disney parks.

7. Thirty Year Wait
Due to commitments with other Disney projects, Walt Disney stopped making Mickey Mouse shorts following The Simple Things in 1953. This would prove to be his last ever Mickey Mouse short, following his death to Cancer in 1966. Mickey wouldn't be in a cartoon feature next until 1983 with Mickey's Christmas Carol, some 30 years after his last. Yet, his next proper short wouldn't come until 1995 with Runaway Brain, after an incredible 42 years of waiting.

Mickey Mouse, Fantasia 8. Attire
Mickey has a huge wardrobe, packed with no less than 175 different costumes. Minnie goes one better, having been dressed in over 200 outfits throughout her career.

9. Yoo Hoo!
The first song to feature in any Disney film was "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" in the short, Mickey’s Follies.

10. Fear
The irony of Mickey Mouse's creation is that Walt Disney was in fact scared of mice. However, he pictured mice as sympathetic creatures, despite people being scared of them.

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